Snacko is a farming adventure game filled with animals

Former big city kitties Momo and Mikan are starting a new life on a seemingly deserted island.

Unravel its mysteries while you rebuild a community, farm, fish, explore the island and beyond!


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Grow a wide variety of crops across all seasons

Unlock fertilizers, seed makers, and much more to help your farm flourish


Craft tools to expand your farm, and decorate it as you please

Build Your Way: snap, rotate, or stack game objects however you want


Unlock, post job listings, and send letters to bring animals from around the world to live on your island

Take on part time jobs or other tasks to help your village thrive


Go beyond your farm and village to the four surrounding isles

Find and grow new ingredients to make tasty, useful recipes


Befriend and care for fluffy cows, cuddly chickens, and more!

Spend time with them on your farm; use the crops you’ve grown as feed


Hunt for shrines and the key to restore the island

Discover the truth behind the island’s curse


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Devlog 21 | Big Month!

May 31st, 2020|

Meowllo everyone! May was such a busy month. We got our Steam page up and running, we were showcased in a Tumblr spotlight, we [...]

Snacko Kickstarter Now Live!

May 25th, 2020|

Meowllo everyone! We have two big announcements today! The first one is: Our Kickstarter campaign for Snacko is live right meow! There's [...]

Devlog 20 | New Friends

April 30th, 2020|

There are a lot of new friends this month and fun new additions. Sadly, we can't show all of them yet...but don't worry, you'll [...]

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