Erisa 'enralis' Liu
Erisa 'enralis' LiuArt & Community
Erisa handles the art and social media – for better or for worse. Trained in mostly 3D art, she enjoys dabbling in pixel art and illustration to smooth over her furrowed vertices. In her downtime, she likes watching Sims 4 let’s plays while eating an exorbitant amount of Filet-O-Fish.
Jordan 'recursive' Gonzalez
Jordan 'recursive' GonzalezProgramming & Game Design
Resident programmer, game designer, and cat photographer. Jordan works on anything from saving enemy spawner data to tweaking sound effects. When he’s not coding away, he’s blistering his thumb from playing fighting games.
Mikan is a professional at making sure your documents will never fly away! Included in her duties are also keeping your mouse and keyboard warm, scattering fur all over your desk, and meowing at you when eye contact is made.
Momo is the office joker! Priding herself in her numerous ways of making extremely loud noises, Momo spends her working hours crashing into walls, scratching at open doors, and demanding attention from her coworkers.
Nobu is the newest member of the team. Weighing in at an impressive pound and a half, Nobu doesn’t have a role at the office because his paws are too short to do anything.