Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will Snacko be available to buy?

    We’re hoping to release the full game in 2021. Updates on a release date will be announced on our socials and through our mailing list!

  • Can I play the game now?

    Pre-alpha builds are available to $10+ patrons through our Discord store channel. Once you’ve pledged on Patreon and linked it with your Discord account, you can access the channel under the Snacko category. However, it’s not recommended to pledge just to play.

  • If I pledge, do I get the game on release?

    No. Pre-alpha builds are an extra treat for Snacko super-fans; it’s not intended to be a means to get the game. Don’t feel like you have to pledge now to play! If we do release a free demo, it will be announced through our socials and mailing list.

  • What will Snacko be available for?

    We’re not sure yet! Snacko is still very early in development. For now, we’re working on a PC release, and prioritizing a Nintendo Switch release.

  • Will Snacko be available in other languages?

    Yes – currently, pre-alpha builds only support English. In the future, we’d like to localize Snacko to as many languages as possible. Do you want a specific language? Let us know!

  • Is there multiplayer or couch co-op?

    Unfortunately, no. If the launch goes well, we may be able to implement it at a later date as a free update. As of now, there are currently no plans to add multiplayer due to time and budget constraints.

  • Can I get a key if I play it on my channel?

    We’re currently not allowing live streams and let’s plays of Snacko due to how early it is in development. As the launch inches closer, feel free to reach out to us then and ask! However, if you’d like to share screenshots of your game and short clips, we’re happy to see what you’ve done in the game!