It’s been a very fulfilling and busy year for us at Bluecurse Studios! The road was rocky and a little tough, but we did it! While we’re excited for the new year, it’s time to cover a little bit of what went on in December and take a short  trip down memory lane.

⛏ Exploring the Mines

We’ve revamped the mines! Instead of a small static room, it’s now a big network. You proceed through each floor by looking for the stairs down. Each floor is procedurally generated, and the generation is randomized every time you level up the mine.

Levelling up the mines unlocks lower floors, up to 100. Safe floors are on every 20 floors, but some are special! You can place buildables and grow special crops on floor 60, so the more you explore, the more goodies you get!

Each biome will have their own little mine network, so get all the resources you can! The resources in the mine don’t regenerate, but no worries! Once you level up your mine, all the floors get reset.

Once you’ve been to a safe floor, you can quickly get to it by taking the elevator. Of course, you can go through again and take the stairs if you need the workout.

? More Farming Goodies

We started adding more farm features! Crop quality, fertilizer, growth supplements, and seed makers!

Crops you put through the seed maker will retain its quality level. There are 6 levels in total: 0-5. Simply taking good care of your crops and turning your harvest into more seeds will help make tasty veggies, but you can always use some fertilizer to speed up the process!

You can put multiple crops of the same quality into the seed maker, and once you close the lid, it’ll start working its magic. If you don’t want to wait for too long, you can add a few drops of a special Cat-A-Lyzer™ to help it along.

? The End of 2019

2019 has been a wild ride! This year, we:

  • Started our Patreon, which grew to more than 80 generous patrons!
  • Reworked many aspects of the game! Camera controls, gridless building, and visual reworks
  • Received an Epic MegaGrant, which gives us a small safety net!
  • Had the pleasure of working with Dale North, who scored two tracks for Snacko. We can’t wait for more!
  • Were able to contract Ken Visudharomn as a VFX artist to give Snacko a little more sparkle!
  • Gained over 5,000 Twitter followers! We’re happy people are excited for Snacko?
  • Released two pre-alpha builds, and two trailers!
  • Quit our jobs, and started developing Snacko full time!

While it’s been hard, we’ve been continuously surprised, pleased, and moved by the support and feedback Snacko has received this year. We’ll be working continuously through 2020 to make Snacko a fun game! Here are just a few of our favorite screenshots through 2019 to wrap it up:

Our original building system: grid only!

Early Snacko farm and UI

Our first pre-alpha build start screen

Original letter writing UI

Talking to Maru in the original town square

Our first crafting menu

The original Dye Indicator icon!

Our change into a simpler interface style

Some more new UI elements have been implemented…

Our second, and current, letter writing UI

Added in some clouds now that you can pan the camera

See you in the new year, and thank you for your ongoing support ?