Snacko 0.2.4 Coming November 25th!

We’re happy to announce a much needed update to our pre-alpha build! Pre-alpha access is available for $10+ patrons. This update is a complete overhaul from our March build. A new look, camera controls, a smooth day-night cycle, and an all-new building system!

Before You Pledge…

  • Pre-alpha access is only available for $10+ patrons
  • This is not a finished game. This is not an official demo. This is a pre-alpha build for patrons as a fun bonus. We do not recommend pledging just to play.
  • The game is still very early in development! Not all features are in, and there are bugs and little wrinkles.
  • Currently only available for Windows, and tested on Windows 10
  • Please read through the FAQ to avoid misunderstandings about the game’s current state and what you’ll be pledging for
  • Since the game is still in pre-alpha, we’re asking you to please not livestream or upload full playthroughs. GIFs, screenshots, and short clips are OK. By downloading and playing the pre-alpha, you’re agreeing to this term.

What’s In This Patch?

  • Farming. There are no seasons at the time, so you’ll be forever stuck in spring. Likewise, all crops can be grown in the demo, even if it is out of season.
  • Letter Writing. You can write letters to invite up to three villagers, or to Nobu who will gift you starter seeds. Writing letters to villagers already on your island will not get you a response yet.
  • Cooking & Crafting. Free-cook has been temporarily removed from the game as we tweak the system. You can still cook and craft from your recipe book.
  • Building. All of the building features are in – rotate, snap-to-grid, and dyes! There are roughly 80 items to craft and 36 cooking recipes in the game at the moment.
  • The Overworld. You can forage in the overworld for minerals and specialty lumber…but sometimes spirits can get in your way! Combat is still very basic, but you can choose from a sword or bow and arrows.
  • Interaction. Each villager has their own schedule and different dialogue depending on the time of day and what they’re doing. You can buy items from their shops too, if they have one. However, there is no relationship system yet or gift-giving.


Do I get a copy of the game on release if I’m a patron?

No, Patreon helps support the game’s development, and is not tied to any launch rewards or future crowd-funding campaigns we may have.

Do I get anything else for pledging?

Yes! We have weekly mini-devlogs that give quick updates and behind-the-scenes screenshots to keep patrons in the loop. We also periodically send out little gifts like stickers to thank you for your support.

How often will the game be updated?

We’ll patch in game-breaking bugs ASAP. Little QOL changes will be updated through batches once enough accumulate. Content patches will be roughly monthly, depending on what is added, and how much is added.

Will my saves carry over to updates?

All minor updates (0.2.X) will. Once we change the version (0.3.X etc.), you will not be able to port over your save. Don’t get too attached to your farm!

OK, I’m in, where do I get it?

Once you pledge a $10 or higher tier via Patreon, you can connect your Discord account to your Patreon on their website. You’ll be automatically given a role, and gain access to the shop channel. Once you’ve downloaded the game, you can play and launch even once you stop pledging – future updates will just not be available.

Will there be support for Mac OS or Linux?

Not in the foreseeable future.

I’m on Windows 7/8. Can I still play?

Currently, Snacko is only tested on Windows 10. We have heard it runs fine on 8.1, but we can’t guarantee anything if your Windows 10 is out-of-date or if you’re using an older version of Windows.

Patch Notes


  • Added game controller support
  • Save slots added
  • Game now auto-saves on sleep
  • Added mouse controls to change camera pitch (vertical control). There will be options available in the future to lock camera pitch
  • Added sound effect that plays at the beginning of the day
  • Adjusted sound effect that plays at 11PM
  • Day-night cycle with different skies and lighting


  • It can now rain – rain will water all your crops. Lucky!
  • You can charge up your tools to cover more tiles or do more damage
  • All tools can be used to break debris, some are easier to break with certain tools than others
  • You can now harvest bamboo and onion early for bamboo shoots and green onion


  • Beech furniture set added
  • Eastern furniture set added
  • Miscellaneous decorative clutter added
  • Added ability to dye the player’s house
  • Valid building areas glow when buildable is highlighted in the inventory bar

Cooking & Crafting

  • Added desserts and beverages
  • Added additional entrees

Exploration & Foraging

  • Added ability to place and rotate saplings on your farm
  • Added the fishes catfish, haddock, and salmon
  • Curfew will force you to snooze at 12AM, even when you’re out and about

NPC & Interaction

  • You can send requests to the Bulletin Board to request villagers and shopkeepers
  • Mack, Maru, and Livia are available to invite
  • Shop interface added with cart functionality
  • New dialogue and schedule for all NPCs
  • NPCs can now attach gifts to their letters
  • You must now interact with the door of NPC houses (previously was a warp zone)