As part of going full-time, we’ve decided to give our YouTube channel a little more love beyond gameplay demos and trailers. The game development journey is something that is very new for us, and we want to share our thoughts and experiences with you along the way. We hope you enjoy learning more about working on games and life in general along with us!

Our first video goes over how Snacko came to be, and why we decided to go full-time.


It’s common advice for indie devs to not quit their job until they’ve had a shipped game, or at least until they’ve secured funding. In our case, we decided the best move for us, and Snacko, was to take the leap of faith early and do it now. Around the time I was going to graduate from college, we had to make a choice – do I go job searching and we move to where I land a job? Or do we move depending on what recursive wants to do next? And then the next question came: what job did I want?

I quickly realized that I grew up playing a very small slice of video games, mainly Nintendo handheld titles. I had no experience, no nostalgia, and little attachment to the games being produced in North America for consoles or computers. Even within Nintendo handheld titles, I mainly played JRPGs and simulation games. This, combined with Jordan’s childhood dream of making video games, made it an easy choice to try to make Snacko work out.

We were able to make this commitment with our existing savings, the very kind and generous Patreon supporters, and the moral support of the cats and our family. After weeks and months of planning, budget tweaking, and paperwork, Jordan was able to quit his job as a software engineer and work on our cat game full-time.

We hope you enjoy this video and look forward to our future content!

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