We hit our $500 Patreon goal last week! It’s such a big milestone for us, and it really helps us keep up with the cost of living while we work on Snacko. As promised, here are three new villagers!

A couple of months ago, we asked patrons what species they would like to see next…birds won out with a strong majority. Loona is, you probably guessed it, based on the common Loon. She’s dedicated to her work, and loves to spread beauty around her. We hope you enjoy the option in Snacko to purchase dye recipes, as well as changing cloth patterns for things like your bed!

Mack is inspired by the Iberian Magpie. He’s a round little bird who’s love of seeds and crops led him down a path of studying them. He’ll provide you with new seeds and better versions of what you’ve already grown. Mack used to enjoy his dream life researching new crops back at the mainland university, but he ate so much of their research material he had to find something else to do. Hopefully, his shop can stay profitable with him snacking on the stock all day…

Scruff is always alone, but that’s only because the villagers thinks he prefers it that way. He loves to talk about the history and plant life around the island. You can find him holed away in his self-run library where you can learn more about the island and all the wildlife. If you can get past his looks, you’ll find out he’s a fountain of knowledge and happy to help.