We’re happy to announce that we’re starting a new chapter in both Snacko’s development and our personal lives! This weekend, we’ll be starting the process of moving from Florida in the US to Vancouver, Canada. Once our larger furniture and the bulk of our belongings arrive in Vancouver, we’ll be officially…

working on Snacko full-time!

This is a very big, scary, but exciting change for us. We decided to take a little risk and work on Snacko full-time for as long as we (financially) can. Snacko is something we both believe in, and have poured a lot of our love into – we feel like taking the dive and giving it a chance is something the game deserves.

From August on, we’ll be relying on Patreon income as well as some freelance work on the side to help bring in some additional money. If you love what we’re doing, and what to help contribute, please consider checking out our support us page and seeing what you can do to help keep development going!

What are our plans for the near future?

For now, we’ll be focused on finishing up the October alpha patch. This patch, like the first ever alpha, will only be available as a Snackie Guild perk available through our Discord server’s store. With the new build and some fancy new game footage, we’ll also be setting up a Steam page so you can wish list Snacko!

How is this change going to affect development?

The game will be developed at a much faster pace! For 99% of Snacko’s development so far, we’ve been both busy with full-time responsibilities. I’ve been working to complete my bachelor’s, and recursive has been working at his day job as a programmer. With both of these time-sucking black holes out of the way, Snacko will be receiving much needed updates and new content in the near future.

Eventually, we’re going to have to talk about what’s coming next. Depending on the situation and the state of Snacko, we may run a Kickstarter so we can continue doing this full-time. When that day comes, we’ll be sure to announce it through Discord, Twitter, our blog, and our mailing list.

Our goal is to develop and release Snacko in a state where we’re proud and happy of it. We’d like to continue offering alpha and beta builds, but privately for super-fans as we have done so far. This allows the game to stay fresh on release, without us ignoring the feedback of the community.

Localization for different languages, and porting to the Nintendo Switch are some of our biggest goals next to completing the game. Having Snacko accessible to as many players as possible in the forms of availability on storefronts and languages is a goal we set for ourselves when we started working on Snacko seriously – we hope to complete a game a lot of people will be able to play and have fun playing!

How is this change going to affect Patreon?

We’ll be much more reliant on Patreon, as it’s going to be most consistent source of income. Unfortunately, because of the move, all new patrons will not be receiving merchandise for the next three weeks. We will send them out as soon as possible once we get settled on the other side!

The Snacko shop will stay open; shirts, mugs, and bags will always be available. Stickers and key chains are on limited stock, once they sell out, we will not be able to restock due to financial reasons. However, we do have Patreon goals set – reaching a goal means we’ll be able to set a little money aside when we can to produce more merchandise.

How is this change going to affect the Snacko community?

We’ll be much more active in our Discord and other online communities now! This is something we’ve both been wanting to do, but the combination of a day job, moving logistics, and other life shenanigans have kept us glued to our desks or out running errands.

Thank you for supporting us!

Whether it’s sharing Snacko with your friends, being a patron, or chatting in our Discord – it means a lot to us! Snacko started, and remains, as a project filled with our passion and love for video games. A year ago, neither of us would imagine having the chance to work on our own game as a full-time endeavor. Thank you for contributing to making our dream a reality!

Extra special thank you to our lovely Snackie Guild members! Thank you for being a loyal member of the Snackie Guild ?