Wew, it’s been a long week! We’ve been at the Game Developer’s Conference this week, and were able to meet plenty of lovely people as well as have attendees play our game! Lots has happened for Snacko in the past couple of days, and there’s much more work ahead to slough through. What are we going to do next, and how is this going to affect Patrons?

✈️ We’re moving

Yup. I’m graduating (finally) and moving back to Vancouver, so there’s going to be a big chunk in May that we won’t be able to work much. Please be patient while we tow our life belongings and cats across the border!

? New store opening

We reached our Patreon goal of $150!! That’s amazing. It’s so amazing I could barely believe it when we first hit $100. I never would’ve imagined this coming so far, especially with how early Snacko is in development. To celebrate this and to keep my word on the goal, I’m moving our store to Big Cartel. This would need a monthly cost to keep it open, but will also give me the luxury of giving special discounts to Patrons of different tiers. I’ll be working on new designs and opening pre-orders for new types of items such as t-shirts and mugs, so keep your eyes peeled for the store’s grand opening!

? State of Snacko

Ok, this question is in everyone’s heads…what now? Where will Snacko go after it’s first playable build? Good question, we’re still trying to figure that out. While we scramble around to try to find funding so we can work on this full time, we’ve decided to take the risk and move ahead as if we’re going to work full-time on Snacko. It’s something that we think has potential, and we’d be really sad if we had to let everyone down by slowing down or discontinuing the project ):

? New Patreon tier

I never anticipated our Patreon to get this much attention and lovely support, so our highest tier has always been the Snackie Hero role. Listening to the feedback of some amazing Snacko fans, I’ve decided to start working on a new $25 role. This will include things like bigger shop discounts, consistent asset releases for educational or personal use, and special photos of Momo and Mikan.

? Discord changes

Oh…did you know we’re now verified on Discord! Now you have to look at Momo and Mikan when the channel’s open on your desktop! In the future, this also means we can potentially distribute Snacko through Discord’s storefront. Our aim is to have Snacko accessible to everyone who wants to play it, and we’ll hold ourselves to that as far as our budget and time allows. To celebrate this, I’ll be working on a new set of emotes for the Discord.